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Go to any motorcycle show these days and there are numerous stands offering T-shirts, some very cheap and some very expensive. The problem is that until you have worn and washed them a few times you have no idea as to whether they are going to be covering you body in a months time, or polishing your bike. Even the price is not a reliable guide!


Another problem buying at a show is that you can get caught up in the mood or feel pressurised, or just buy because a shirt is cheap. The other big problem is that you end up with something everybody else has and as bikers we all like to be individuals rather than sheep, after all that is why we ride bikes!


I am pleased to report that help is now at hand from a UK firm called quite simply Biker T-shirts. Thanks to a magnificent website you can sit at home and browse at leisure through their existing designs or create you own. They have also recently teamed up with FoTToFinders in the Isle of Man to produce a range of t-shirts featuring Road Race Legends over the years. FoTToFinders have over quarter of a million photographs of Isle of Man and Ulster GP riders from 1907 to modern day. (www.fottofinders.co.uk) So you can now choose your own image to be printed on the shirt which could mean you are literally the only person wearing that shirt. Each original negative is scanned and then painstakingly retouched to remove scratches and dust marks before creating the graphic for the t-shirt so you need not worry, you will look good!


I was so impressed with what was on offer I ordered a shirt from the above collection and one from their birthday range which quickly arrived in well wrapped cellophane packaging. Designs can also be printed onto sweats and hoodies if you want something warmer.
Having unwrapped them I found classic t-shirts made from a sturdy 185 g/m², 100% cotton with all seams double stitched. The flex print graphics on both were perfect and the colours were good, so everything looked promising for a long life.


Now two months down the line with lots of wear and washing they have not faded shrunk or done anything other than what they should do. Certainly both have attracted constant attention with people asking where I got them, which is always nice and makes you realise you are wearing something different. So all looks good for both to be in the draw for me to wear for years to come, rather than the rag basket for next month’s bike spring clean!


So al I can say is if you want a top quality product that will get you noticed, take a look at their website and make your selection from the comfort of your own home.


Worth sending the website to loved ones for present ideas as well. (Also check out their extensive gift site as well!). Highly recommended!

Ian Kerr MBE - Motorcycle Journalist